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Annual Awards: Honoring Our Safety Star and Legacy Award Champions

May 19, 2023

Annual Awards 2023 Skiles Group large

Each year Skiles Group honors two staff members each year who have championed our safety programs and who best embody our core values. As part of our annual meeting in May we revealed this year’s winners.


Safety Star Award: Andy Middleton, safety coordinator

Skiles Group annually recognizes an individual who has provided an exceptional contribution to our safety program through their leadership, innovation, and initiative, thereby contributing significantly to project safety performance. 


Legacy Award: Adam Brown, CHC, project manager

Skiles Group annually recognizes the individual who best embodies the firm’s core values. This is a person who, as voted on by their peers, is acknowledged as both respecting and adding to Skiles Group’s legacy by excelling in the following aspects:

  • Do the right thing,
  • Work together,
  • Serve with passion, and
  • Be curious.


Annual Awards 2023 Skiles Group small

Skiles Group’s president, Dwayne Hodges, with both of this year’s winners – Andy Middleton (L) and Adam Brown (R)