Skiles Group Wins AGC Build America Award for Tom Landry Fitness Center Refresh Project

We're so proud that the Tom Landry Fitness Center Refresh project was selected as a winner of The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)'s CRP Build America Award, which "honors AGC members who build the nation's most impressive construction projects." The criteria evaluated include project management, construction technique or material innovation, safety record, partnership, and state-of-the-art... read more

Skiles Group Wins ABC Excellence in Construction Award for Tom Landry Fitness Center Refresh Project

The Associated Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction© (EIC) Awards honor general and specialty contractors for their industry-leading, safe, and innovative construction projects nationwide. Winning projects are judged on factors including complexity, attractiveness, unique challenges overcome, and innovation. We were absolutely overjoyed to receive an Eagle award for our work on the Tom Landry... read more

Constructor Magazine: Elevating Leadership on the Jobsite

Over the years, I've observed various project managers and superintendents in their roles, leading and overseeing projects and jobsites. I've come to recognize crucial traits that successful leaders and managers commonly possess—traits I consider integral for efficient and effective leadership. Incorporating these skills into your professional development can serve as a catalyst, empowering you to navigate... read more

Skiles Group Celebrates Women in Construction Week

It’s the 26th annual Women in Construction Week™, where we join the National Association of Women in Construction and companies across the country as we join together to celebrate and promote the role of women in our industry. We’re excited to share this video featuring some of our own women in construction, where they share their perspectives on what it’s like to be a woman in this industry, why they love... read more

Happy Skilesentine’s Day! Skiles Group Delivers Cookies to Jobsites

Happy Skilesentine's Day! (It's a real holiday, didn't you know?) Shelby McEntire, SHRM-CP, PHR, Kamie Harrison, Dara Davulcu, Brent Brown, Andrew Bond, Becky Blank, Michael Knapp, Lillian Puente, Kari Westrup, Rebecca Smolik, Brooklyn Woodard, Wayne Hendrix, Jami Krueger, and Ana Melecio Patino hand-delivered cookies today to jobsites in Santa Fe, Kerrville, Celina, Richardson, Plano, and across... read more

5th Ever Chili Challenge Crowns Winner, By a Landslide

And then there was ONE! Brent R. Brown swept our 5th Ever Chili Challenge yesterday with a landslide win, leaving three others to share a distant second. However it ended, we had a great time getting together to share Frito pie, homemade cookies, and conversation. Thanks to our other chefs—John Tribble, Brooklyn Woodard, Jean Robinson, Dara Davulcu, Michael Piscopo, Jake Pechauer, and Shelby... read more

Constructor: Learning to Delegate on the Jobsite – 5 Steps for Success

Throughout my career, I've learned from several construction superintendents, each imparting unique lessons. One earned respect with his team by ensuring the trailer's coffee pot was ready before he arrived each morning, while another valued the site's security. And there was one whose trust I gradually gained by simply asking to join him during his early morning rounds—albeit under the condition that I remain... read more

General Contractor 2.0: Breaking Down Boundaries Between the Field and the Office to Make Way for the Future of Construction

By Katayoun Mokhtarzadeh and Justin Davis We have all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Many of us live by it. Some of us strive to grow past it and continuously grow…albeit within our comfort zones. It is hard to imagine the “fix” involves changing everything you have known and seeing things from an entirely new perspective. That being said, the only way to move forward is to... read more

The Zweig Letter: A Leadership Vision for 2024

Embrace significance over success, treat everyone with respect, and challenge conventional thinking for a more inclusive and compelling leadership approach. In reflecting on my leadership journey, I wanted to recognize some of the principles I’ve worked to adopt that have shaped my approach – all gleaned from the most impactful leaders I’ve encountered on jobsites and in corporate settings. As you set goals... read more

Crushing the Profit First Mentality: How to Cultivate People-centric Leadership

In the dog-eat-dog world of the construction industry, the prevailing culture often echoes the sentiment that more is better. Bid more projects, acquire more work, and generate more revenue at all costs—a formula that has long been considered the pathway to success. However, I’d like to challenge this conventional wisdom and debunk the myth that “more” translates to the “best” way to grow your... read more