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Taking Flight: Helicopter Joins Jobsite Team at The Tom Landry Center

December 22, 2022

Tom Landry Center Jobsite Helicopter Skiles Group Banner

It’s always a fun day at work when we get to do something unique on one of our jobsites!

Here’s a quick timelapse showing a Sikorsky S-58T helicopter lifting one of several new rooftop units (RTUs) onto The Tom Landry Center, as part of the second phase of construction for this extensive renovation project. This endeavor took about 20 people, two trade partners, and six months of planning to safely complete.

Venture Mechanical, Inc. and 5 State Helicopters disassembled and removed the inner components for the weight to be within the required limits, and then they reassembled it in place. Thank you to Healthcare Realty, Venture Mechanical, 5States, and our team Katayoun Mokhtarzadeh, Russell Jones, Ryan Pence, and Michael Blakemore for their careful work on this logistically challenging and exciting installation.

View the timelapse video here: