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International Construction: “Construction rewards last-minute firefighting – there is a better way”

November 6, 2023

Our CEO Keyan Zandy was recently interviewed on the value of Lean Construction by Neil Gerrard with International Construction. We invite you to read Neil’s intro and the full article:

There was a point earlier in Keyan Zandy’s career when he asked himself if he was cut out for a construction career.

It was shortly after he and his colleagues had spent 70 straight days trying to wrestle the first phase of a multi-phase project back on schedule.

Despite the praise he got from his superiors for this feat of firefighting, Zandy found himself wondering if it had to be this way.

That was when he started investigating Lean principles and then applying them to his projects, with some startling results.

Now CEO of Texas-based Skiles Group, Zandy has become an advocate of Lean construction principles and has recently won an award from the Lean Construction Institute for his efforts.

He explains to the Construction Briefing why he believes the approach can bring major benefits to the construction industry and reduce the pressure on people working within it.

And he gives some tips on simple ways to get started.

Read the full article here: